Protect Your Winning Smile With a Sports Mouthguard in Harrisdale

Don’t risk your beautiful teeth; get a high-quality sports mouthguard in Harrisdale to keep your smile safe and healthy.
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Don't Risk Your Smile

Athletic people who love to play high-impact sports are prone to the potential risk of broken teeth and jaw injuries due to accidental collisions.

Without proper protection, the chances of injury increase, which can result in tooth fractures, knocked-out teeth, and jaw pain. Unfortunately, these injuries can affect oral health significantly. Jaw muscles can suffer from chronic strain, leading to temporomandibular joint disorder, while severe tooth damage can cause irreversible damage to your smile.

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Guard Your Smile and Stay in the Game With Our Sports Mouthguard

Protecting your teeth while playing sports is essential preventative care for potential dental injuries. Fortunately, our dental clinic offers custom mouthguards in Harrisdale that provide maximum protection for teeth from injury. Our friendly team will guide you through the process of getting custom-fitted mouth guards that match your needs.

We use advanced technology and techniques to fabricate and design custom-fitted mouthguards in Harrisdale, making them more durable and reliable in absorbing strong impacts during severe collisions. The dental health professionals here can take precise contours of your teeth and mouth so they fit comfortably. One of our goals is to help you maintain healthy teeth while enjoying your favourite sports. Please book an appointment today at Harrisdale Dental Centre, and play the game with confidence with our custom mouthguards in Harrisdale.

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Game On: Who Should Wear Sports Mouthguards

If you’re unsure whether you can wear custom-fitted mouthguards in Harrisdale to protect your teeth during sports, we can help you find out by scheduling an appointment with Harrisdale Dental Centre.

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Play it Safe: The Top 10 Questions About Sports Mouthguards Answered

Check out the frequently asked questions below to learn how to choose, clean, and maintain your sports mouthguard.

When choosing custom mouthguards in Harrisdale, the key is to secure a proper fit in your mouth. Since every mouth is unique, it starts with customisation from a qualified dentist. They can take the precise structure of your mouth to create mouthguards specifically based on the contour of your gums and teeth.

The right size of athletic mouthguards should fit snugly over your teeth without causing discomfort. When they fit comfortably, they should stay firmly in your mouth and can only be taken out by pulling them out with your fingers. Proper fitting means they can protect your teeth, gums, and mouth from oral injuries during contact sports.

Cleaning your custom-made mouthguards is quite easy. Here are some tips:

  • Brush them:
    You can use your toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to brush every surface of your sports mouthguards.

  • Rinse thoroughly:
    After brushing, rinse them in cold, running water to dislodge any remaining debris.

  • Do not use hot water:
    When rinsing your customised mouthguards, avoid using hot water. Otherwise, it can warp and damage the material.

  • Let it dry:
    You don’t have to use a towel to pat them dry. Instead, just let your mouthguards air dry. Remember to avoid them in direct sunlight, as high temperatures can distort them.

  • Deep clean:
    Immerse your dental mouthguard in a clean container with antibacterial cleaner to get rid of bacteria. You can do this once a week, and remember to ask your dentist about recommended products to soak them in.
The general rule is to replace your sports mouthguards after every season of the game or every six months. It can vary from person to person, so we highly suggest consulting the dentist at Harrisdale Dental Centre to know when it is the right time to change your mouthguards. Remember that they can become ineffective once they become thin and there is less material to absorb impact.
Yes, you can wear customised mouthguards if you have dental braces. Some dentists recommend this to protect the soft tissues and lips from sudden blows during physical activities. Make sure to consult your dentist so they can recommend suitable types of mouthguards with your braces.
Yes, a good-fitting mouthguard should not affect your speech or breathing. If you can’t talk or breathe normally, it’s important to discuss this with a dental professional so they can adjust your mouthguards accordingly.
Generally speaking, custom-made sports mouthguards can provide better protection, durability, and a comfortable fit than those you can buy over the counter. OTC mouthguards may not fit properly and can be wobbly in your mouth. Hence, custom-fitted mouthguards in Harrisdale can be a worthwhile investment for oral health. We advise you to make an appointment at Harrisdale Dental Centre to protect your teeth from irreversible injury.
The cost of mouth guards ranges between $190 and $300. It will differ from your actual treatment cost, which can be determined by the type of materials used. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our dental team at Harrisdale Dental Centre to get a specific estimate for your custom sports mouthguard in Harrisdale.
It depends on your health fund policy’s level of cover. If you have available dental cover from your private health fund, it may cover a portion of the cost of your sports mouthguard in Harrisdale. But this can differ, so contact your health fund provider for further details and review the policy of your health fund plan.
You can still wear athletic mouthguards even if you already have missing teeth. There are certain types of mouthguards that are intended for such cases. If you have tooth loss and are considering a dental guard to protect your remaining healthy teeth, you should consult the dentist so they can recommend a suitable option for your case.
If your sports mouthguard becomes damaged or uncomfortable, it’s important to take action immediately. The first thing you should do is inform your dentist at Harrisdale Dental Centre. Keep in mind that using a damaged athletic mouthguard can put your teeth at risk of dental trauma and discomfort. So avoid using it until you can get it replaced or remoulded.

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