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At Harrisdale Dental Centre, dental care is made easy with our HCF payment option. Say goodbye to financial stress and enjoy quality dental care hassle-free!
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Discover the Power of HCF for Your Dental Care

HCF is the largest not-for-profit Australian health fund providing exceptional dental benefits, making dental care more accessible for its members.

At Harrisdale Dental Centre, we’re a proud HCF More for Teeth provider. This means HCF members with eligible dental cover can enjoy various no-gap dental services, such as check-ups and scale and cleans, at our clinic. Our extensive range of services and HCF’s offerings make dental care accessible and affordable for patients seeking quality care.

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Get More from Your HCF Health Fund with Harrisdale Dental Centre!

At Harrisdale Dental Centre, we’re thrilled to be an HCF More for Teeth provider, delivering valuable no-gap dental services to eligible HCF members. Our partnership with HCF helps make quality dental care more accessible and budget-friendly for our patients.

Experience the advantages of being an HCF member with our extensive range of services, including check-ups, crowns, bridges, dentures, endodontics, extractions, fillings, fluoride treatment, implants, mouthguards, oral surgery, orthodontics, scale and clean, and X-rays. Enjoy affordable dental care with 1-2 check-ups, a scale and clean, and a fluoride treatment per year with no gap at our dental clinic. Plus, receive 100% back on select dental services. Take advantage of your HCF dental cover and book your appointment with Harrisdale Dental Centre today!

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HCF Health Fund FAQs: What You Need to Know for Affordable Dental Care

Discover how the Harrisdale Dental Centre and HCF partnership can benefit your dental care journey with our informative FAQ section.

As an HCF More for Teeth Provider, Harrisdale Dental Centre offers a variety of dental services covered by eligible HCF dental cover, including check-ups, scale and cleans, fluoride treatment, crowns, bridges, dentures, endodontics, extractions, fillings, implants, Invisalign, mouthguards, oral surgery, and orthodontics.

For a complete list of covered services, consult your HCF policy.

Generally speaking, cosmetic dentistry procedures are not covered by health funds, including HCF. However, it ultimately depends on the specifics of your policy and if the dental procedure is deemed medically necessary. Some policies may offer limited cover for certain cosmetic treatments, while others may offer no cover at all.

To determine if your HCF health fund covers cosmetic dentistry procedures, please review the details of your policy or speak with a representative from HCF directly.

To claim your HCF health fund benefits for dental treatment at Harrisdale Dental Centre, simply present your HCF membership card at your appointment. Our staff will process your claim on the spot using HICAPS, so you can enjoy the convenience of instant claiming.
Waiting periods for dental care under your HCF health fund depend on your policy and the treatment you need. In general, there may be waiting periods for major dental work and orthodontics. To determine the waiting periods applicable to your policy, refer to your policy documents or contact HCF for assistance.
Out-of-pocket expenses depend on your specific HCF policy and the dental service you’re receiving. Eligible members can enjoy no-gap dental services annually for check-ups, scale and cleans, and fluoride treatment at Harrisdale Dental Centre. You may need to cover any gap payments for other services.
Orthodontic cover varies depending on your HCF health fund policy. Some policies may provide a benefit for orthodontic treatment. Reviewing your policy documents or contacting HCF directly to determine if orthodontic treatment is covered under your specific policy is essential.

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